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This section provides details on the various materials used in the Marine Hardware Industry. Click on a section below for details.


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About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is essentially a low carbon steel which contains Chromium at 10% or more by weight. It is this addition of Chromium that gives the steel its unique stainless, corrosion resisting properties. The Chromium content of the steel allows the formation of a rough, adherent, invisible, corrosion-resisting Chromium Oxide film on the steel surface. …

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Material Selection

Why choose stainless steel over other materials? The many unique values provided by stainless steel make it a powerful candidate in materials selection. Engineers, specifiers and designers often underestimate or overlook these values because of what is viewed as the higher initial cost of stainless steel. However, over the total life of a project, stainless …

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