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This section provides details on the various services we offer including Stainless Steel Electro Polishing, Fabrication, Maintenance and Treatment. Click on a section below for details.


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Electropolishing Installation

Electro Polishing

Electro Polishing (Super Passivation) Adding electrical current in a tank environment with a passivation acid  to further smooth the metal surface while achieving passivation. The ultimate metal treatment for corrosion resistance. Electrical current is applied in acid bath and create impulses against raised surfaces.   Current and acid work to clean and smooth surface developing …

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Stainless Steel Maintenance Stain -"less" Steel Materials The attractive surface appearance of stainless steel products cannot be regarded as completely maintenance free. All grades and finishes of stainless steel may in fact stain or discolor in normal service if not properly maintained. To achieve maximum stain (corrosion) resistance the surface of the stainless steel must …

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