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Aug 06

Tigé Boat Owners Community

Do you own a Tigé and are looking for a good online community with lots of information and a great online Forum for Q&A? Your search is over, check out www.tigeowners.com!

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Jul 25

Good Old Boat – The Sailing Magazine for the Rest of Us!

Just found this great Sailing Website called Good Old Boat. It's a sailing community website with links to online resources for sailors, classified ads, videos, boat reviews, supplier's directory, etc.. They also have information on sponsored regattas and technical articles that focus on maintenance and upgrade issues.

Be sure to check them out at: www.goodoldboat.com.



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Jun 22

Boating and Fishing Forum


Boating and Fishing Forum
Found this great resource to discuss all things Boating & Fishing. They have forums relating to boats, engines, marine electronics, trucks & trailers & boating How-To's along with a large classified section.
Check them out at – The Hull Truth (http://www.thehulltruth.com)

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Jun 15

Boat Ed – Boating Safety Courses and Handbooks

Found this great online resource for boating safety courses.

Just select your State for the handbook. 



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Jun 08

Why do boat cleats have different bolt patterns?

Question: Why do boat cleats have different bolt patterns?

Answer: The bolt pattern on cleats has to do with the size and assumed work load that will be displaced on the cleat. Blue water cleats are heavier duty and have a wider base that allows for stronger mounting.


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Jun 01

Getting Your Boat Ready For The Summer – Summer Prep!

Here's a great article detailing the steps to get your ready for the Summer.



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Jun 01

Boating Links – The world’s oldest and most complete boating directory

Found this great resource for all-things-boating and thought I'd pass it along.




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May 29

See Real-Time Marine Vessel Positions on Google Maps

View Real-Time Vessel positions and port arrivals based on AIS data.



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May 25

Stainless vs. Galvanized Material

Both stainless and galvanized steels prevent corrosion by forming a "sacrificial" layer of protective oxides. Stainless forms an almost invisible layer of chromium oxide and galvanized forms a (comparatively) thick layer of zinc oxide, according the Metallurgical Consultants website.

Eventually, the galvanized steel's zinc oxide coating will wear away, leaving it vulnerable to corrosives and weather. Stainless steel contains chromium all the way through, so its protective layer is continually replenished.
Stainless has a shiny finish with a deep luster, and can also be finished with different grits to give different appearances. Galvanized material is always gray and lacks any shine.

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May 18

Stainless Steel Boat Steering Wheel

This stainless steel steering wheel features a diameter of 15 1/2" and has a hub color of black. It is made of grade 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability, making it ideal for ocean boating.

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